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Careers - Clinical & Ancillary Services

/ Careers / Clinical & Ancillary Services

Community Health Worker

The Community Health Worker (CHW) will be responsible for helping patients and their families to navigate and access community resources, various social services, and the healthcare system. The CHW will help...

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Case Manager

The Behavior Health Case Manager will work with the Providers, Chief Clinical Officer, Behavior Health Director, Certified Recovery Specialist, BCHC Management Team and others to develop processes and systems...

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Certified Recovery Specialist

The Certified Recovery Support Specialist is a vital part of the Integrated Behavioral Health initiative, the Certified Recovery Support Specialist works from the perspective of “having been there.” Through...

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Nurse Care Coordinator LPN

The Nursing Care Coordinator (LPN) serves as the leader of a team comprised of a RN, Medical Assistant (MA) and Patient Services Representative (PSR) that support Providers to integrate...

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Behavioral Health Consultant

Provide high quality behavioral health services within his/her field of training, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, coordination of care, preventive care and maintenance. Participates actively in BCHC’s...

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