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We Protect Your Privacy

All of the information about your care at BCHC is stored in a computerized medical record system. We protect your health information and follow all the privacy laws and regulations.  Click HERE to read our Notice of Privacy Practices.

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We will need you to fill in a form giving us the name and contact information of anyone who is allowed to see or hear your private health information. We need you to tell us in writing who can drop off and pick up items like forms, test orders, referrals and prescriptions. Only someone listed on the form will be able to get anything from BCHC for you.

You may ask for a copy of your medical record for yourself, or ask to have a copy sent to someone you choose.

There may be a fee for the copy. You can get the form to request medical records at the front desk. Or click HERE to download medical records request forms from our website.

If you have any questions about your medical record, we are here to help you. You can reach Medical Records directly at 610-988-4838, extension 1035.