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Your Vision is Precious

We take eye care seriously at BCHC.

We make eye care convenient and accessible for you. You might need to have regular checkups to prevent or detect problems related to chronic disease like diabetes. Or, you might want to have routine vision exams for yourself or your child.

Diabetics are at risk for developing eye damage that can cause loss of vision, and even blindness. There is also increased risk of problems like glaucoma or cataracts. It is important to have regular vision exams, at least once a year, in order to detect any developing problems.

Children always have a vision check as part of their annual well-child exams. If a vision problem is suspected, they can see their BCHC optometrist. And all adults should have regular vision exams over the age of 40 in order to check for glaucoma. Of course, any trouble seeing should be checked by the eye doctor.

BCHC Optometry services are available at 838 Penn Street and 1110 Rockland Street, and all BCHC patients may use the service, no matter which health center your Primary Care Provider is located at. BCHC is here to help.  Call 610-988-4838 to make an appointment.