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Devoted to Keeping You on Your Feet

We make it our priority to keep you upright.

Foot care is an essential service at BCHC. Whether it is an infected, fungal or ingrown toenail, corns and calluses, or foot pain, BCHC patients have access to the specialized care they need.

If you have diabetes you should see a podiatrist regularly because you are at risk for developing diabetic neuropathy — loss of feeling in the feet. Combined with possible poor circulation in the legs, the damage can bring on complications like trouble walking, infected sores or cuts and, in the worst cases, amputation of toes, feet or limbs.

Podiatry is also available to care for other, painful or annoying foot problems that can interfere with comfort and work.  BCHC is here to help.  Call 610-988-4838 to make an appointment.

Podiatry is available at all BCHC locations.

Our Podiatrists

Dr. Noahleen Betts, DPM
Director of Podiatry