/ Missed Appointment Class

You have missed three appointments since January 2023 at Berks Community Health Center in one year without calling to cancel or reschedule. You are now on the No Show List. This means:
• You are not able to schedule a routine visit in advance.
• You may not be able to refill your prescriptions; this is at the discretion of your provider.

We hold a class at the health center called “Why I Should Keep My Doctor Appointments.” You will be removed from the No Show List when you attend this class. The class is held:
• The fourth Tuesday of every month at 1110 Rockland Street at 5:30 PM in English and 6 PM in Spanish.
• The fourth Wednesday of every month at 1040 Liggett Avenue at 11:00 AM in English and 11:30 AM in Spanish.
• The fourth Thursday of every month at 838 Penn Street at 2:00 PM in English and 2:30 PM in Spanish.