/ JEDI Tipline

In an effort to provide a BRAVE space for all staff to have a voice on potential JEDI issues, below is one of three means that you can report an experience or observation of a microaggression, an example of inequity, an area of growth in achieving JEDI principles, or any violation of our BCHC JEDI principles. The other means include an email address (JEDItipline@bchc.org) and voicemail (610-988-4838 ext 1224).

The JEDI Committee will take any necessary steps to address issues reported. You are welcome to make your report anonymously, but if you would like to know your concern was addressed, you may share your identity and a member of the committee will discuss with you the resolution, to the extent confidentiality will allow.

If you do not want to report through the JEDI Committee, please report your concern or issue to our HR Director, Junelle Jacobs.

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